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I first heard Dale Feb speak at a Golden State Chimney Sweep Guild workshop in Orange County, California on February 8, 1997. He showed slides and described what to look for when doing an inspection. His discussion of factory built fireplace inspection was especially valuable to me - this was the knowledge I had thirsted for. I began to seek out and attend his presentations over the next few years.

I quickly signed up when I read Dale was offering his first six-day course on inspecting fireplaces and chimneys. I had liability anxiety thinking about unresolved inspection issues and wanted to get answers to all of those 'gray area' questions. During the Fireplace Inspector Training Course Dale was excellent with quickly answering my questions as they came up. As questions were answered, some of my liability anxiety began to lessen. Dale's experience as an expert witness in Court was valuable to me. He helped me understand what does and does not happen if I become involved in a lawsuit. We carefully went over our local Codes & Standards to be clear on past and present requirements. We practiced just what to do on an inspection. We were given a thick notebook full of reference material to assist our future inspections. We were regularly tested to see if we were absorbing the course material. Dale and Tena provided snack food and beverages before and during the classes.

Even after completion of the course Dale has continued to offer his assistance to me when I am stumped on an inspection question. I can recommend Dale Feb's Fireplace Inspector course. I consider Dale Feb to be the best-qualified fireplace inspector and I am proud to call him a mentor.

Steve Snyder
Big Steve's Chimney Service

577 Dana Street
F-I-R-E Certified #003
Certified CSIA #264
Telephone (805) 544-6802
FAX (805) 544-4391

Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your "Certified Inspector" Program! This Certification is by far the proudest achievement in my professional career. I found this program to be by far the most though, detailed and educational program I have ever taken. I took this course not just for myself but to help secure the future for my family and my employees. It has raised our esteem even higher! This course is also great to limit one's liability.

Steve Lovsteen
Oliver Twist Chimney Sweep
& Air Duct Cleaning

Thanks Dale for taking time out of your busy schedule to help educate us within the industry. I have attended many seminars and training programs over my 26 years in the trades but by far this course was the most educational program I have attended and well worth the time and effort. What was most impressive was not only the amount of information that was offered in 48 hours but the way it was presented I was able to retain it. I would not want to guess how many hours Dale spent putting together the great manual we used during the course which made a great addition to our reference library at our office. It is obvious that Dale's main goal is to raise the industry standards and it shows. I highly recommend this course. 

Tim Kenel 
Construction Consultant Egerer Forensic Engineering, LLC 

308 Center Avenue 
Bay City, Michigan 48708
F-I-R-E Certified #018



To whom it may concern, 

I became acquainted with Dale Feb of D-Way Fireplace Inspection Service and Fireplace Investigation, Research & Education Service (F.I.R.E. Service) at a past California Conference of Arson Investigators (CCAI). CCAI is California Chapter 22 of the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAl) and I hold the position of CCAI San Diego County Roundtable Training Coordinator and CCAI Ex-Officio board member. During a conversation with Dale, I realized that he had a specialized knowledge of fireplaces, including construction, manufacturing and installation defects, as well as resulting fire cases. I am not aware of anyone else in the industry who possesses specialized information in this subject matter and was anxious to learn more.

I invited Dale to give a presentation on the Investigation of Fireplace Fires at the CCAI San Diego County Roundtable meeting in March 2001, which he readily agreed to, without cost to the Roundtable or its members. The presentation was excellent and was well attended by fire, police, government, insurance and private investigators, all interested in this specialized subject. In addition to the time spent preparing a customized multi-media presentation for the Roundtable, Dale traveled from his location, north of Los Angeles, to San Diego to make the 9:00 a.m. start time for the training. I believe Dale's day must have started at close to 4:00 a.m. 

After receiving this two-hour presentation, I recommended to the CCAI board during the next quarterly board meeting that Dale be invited as a presenter at the California Conference of Arson Investigators statewide seminar. There was much interest in including this subject in a future seminar.

As a continuation on the Roundtable seminar in San Diego, I attended a six-hour Fire Investigator & the Fireplace course presented by Dale at the Fireplace Investigation, Research & Education Service (F.I.R.E. Service) facility in Moorpark California. This was an excellent course that I have since recommended to associates in the public and private sector.

Dale has shown a genuine interest in furthering the education of fire investigators on the subject of fireplace fire investigations. Most experienced fire investigators have taken many courses in the origin and cause of fires, but are constantly looking for the specialized, advanced courses that will allow us to take our investigations to the next level. Experts such as Dale, who specialize in specific areas of fire causation, assist us in this process and are an asset to the furtherance of fire investigations.

Fred Herrera, CFI
CCAI RT12 Coordinator


To whom it may concern:

This letter is to explain my knowledge of Mr. Dale Febís education and understanding of the Fireplace, Home Inspector and Fire Investigation industries. 

In early 1989 I met Mr. Feb through a purchase of his home in the Conejo Valley.  I was his Home Inspector on this purchase.  At that time I found out that he was working in the fireplace industry.  In December of 1989 there was a rash of fireplace related fires within our community. I contacted Dale to see if he could shed some light on what may be the cause of these fires.  His response was that there should be a more thorough type of inspections done of fireplaces in general.  He pointed out that many of the manufactured fireplaces, though designed and tested properly, where not always being installed correctly. This was found to be true in many of the fires noted above.  He also found deficiencies in the precast concrete and masonry units, which were also involved in some of these fires.  Due to the need for a full and proper evaluation, Dale started a fireplace inspection service that performed inspections only without the conflict of the repairs.  This was the first fireplace inspection company in Southern California and may have been the first in the State.  Chimney sweeps do not count, as they are technicians and not necessarily inspectors.  They may know how to clean and do minor repairs on fireplaces, but I have found them to lack the basic knowledge and understanding of the concept of construction, code requirements and most importantly, fire technology itself.  Dale has spent many hours expanding his knowledge of fireplaces and related technologies in this industry through various courses that he has taken.  He has also spent many hours of his time helping to educate the Real Estate Inspection Industry, Fire Investigation Industry as well as the Fireplace Industry. 

This knowledge and understanding lead him to develop and present a detailed training school called the F.I.R.E. Service, (Fireplace Investigation, Research & Education Service). This service provides high quality education to the Real Estate Inspection, Fire Investigation and Fireplace Inspection Industries. I have taken most of his classes of which one is especially designed for the Chimney Sweeps, which earlier I had stated did not count. This course however takes the Chimney Sweeps and elevates them to the next level. This then qualifies them as Inspectors.  Now they can count as a qualified Fireplace Inspector after taking this class and if you would ask any of them they will tell you the same.  All the sweeps in the class I attended, realized that the inspections they had performed before were incomplete. They were truly hoping that these prior inspections did not come back to haunt them. 

I will say that Mr. Dale Feb's Knowledge and understanding of solid fuel and gas-burning fireplaces, stoves, inserts, fire technology and the surrounding construction surpasses anyone that I have found in this industry.

Very truly yours,  

Jim Farmer
Jim Farmer, CPI #0004
Past President of CREIA (California Real Estate Inspection Association)
CREIA Certified Professional Inspection #0004
Past Arbitrator for CSLB (California State License Board)
Industry Expert for the CSLB
Expert Witness for Civil Litigation.

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