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“Home Inspector and The Fireplace”

8-Hour Education Course for Professional Inspectors

 Course Description:

This 8 hour course is designed to assist the home inspector in recognizing key concerns on use, condition, installation and malfunction of both gas and solid fuel burning appliances and their venting systems. A fireplace, chimney or vent system requires a general working knowledge of the fundamentals as well as an understanding of the drafting, and malfunctioning characteristics. This course will address these concerns in detail and deliver accurate information to the students.  

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Benefits of Mobil Education

Dale, I wanted to thank you for bringing your seminar "The Fireplace and the Home Inspector" to us in Kansas City. The Great Plains ASHI Chapter was very pleased that you could come out and offer the class at a significant savings to the local inspectors. Saving time, transportation, lodging and meal costs was a great bonus to our busy schedules. The class material and seminar is FANTASTIC! I received many, many comments from attendees that praised the seminar, and in fact, some were able to put their new skills to work the very next day. Most home inspectors don't understand the amount of liability that they have when inspecting a fireplace or chimney, and without this knowledge they really don't know what they're setting themselves up for. This was well worth the cost and time invested!

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HI-01 HOME INSPECTORHome Inspector and The Fireplace Education Course for Professional Inspectors

Course Goal:

Upon completion of this class students will have a sound introduction to the components, materials and mechanics of fireplaces, chimneys and vent systems that they will encounter and evaluate as home inspectors.  Students will have a solid understanding of the inspection process and strategies involved to work within recognizes standards and provide useful information to their clients.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of:

1. Nomenclature of fireplace, chimney and vent systems specific to residential dwellings, with special emphasis on the components accessible during a resale home inspection. The proper installation practices of residential fireplaces, chimneys and vents including a history of these systems and their industry.

2.   Inspection methods and strategies for fireplaces, chimney and vent systems ranging from obsolete to modern systems.

3.   Typical conditions found and proper reporting of these conditions.

Books & Handouts:

Home Inspector & the Fireplace textbook

Published by Fireplace Investigation, Research & Education Service

Course Module:

The Industry Standards

A basic understanding of the recognized guidelines provided by the Home Inspection Industry.

Understanding Fire Technology

The understanding of heat exposure, transfer and the resulting action.

Understanding the Operation of the Fireplace 

The drafting characteristics of fireplaces, chimneys and other heating appliances.

Metal Factory-Built Fireplaces 

The detailed understanding of metal fireplaces and chimney systems.

Pre-Cast Fireplaces 

The detailed understanding of pre-cast concrete fireplaces and chimneys.

Cast In-Place Fireplace 

The detailed understanding of the poured in place concrete fireplace and chimney.

Masonry Materials 

The detailed understanding of masonry fireplaces and chimneys.

Rumford Fireplace 

The detailed understanding of masonry Rumford fireplaces and chimneys.

Masonry Fireplace with Listed Metal Chimneys 

The detailed understanding of masonry fireplaces and listed metal chimneys.

Prefabricated Fireplace Forms 

The detailed understanding of masonry and steel-form fireplaces and chimneys.


The detailed understanding of steel inserts into masonry and factory-built fireplaces.

Free Standing Fireplaces

The detailed understanding of the listed and unlisted freestanding fireplaces.

Wood Stoves

The detailed understanding of listed and unlisted wood stoves and chimney systems.

Other Systems

An open-minded approach to new and unproven products.

Gas Burning Appliances & Decorative Gas Logs

The detailed understanding of gas-burning appliances, vented gas logs and vent-free gas-burning heaters.

Lining Systems 

The detailed understanding of chimney liner options and their installation.

Finish Materials 

The detailed understanding of the proper installation and fail points of veneer application.

Code & Manufacturers Requirements

A detailed review of the code requirements based on the applicable codes within your area.

Staying out of Court

Recommended procedures to prevent litigation and fulfill your obligation as an inspector.

Report Writing & Disclaimers

Recommended and tested disclaimers and report statements.

When to Refer the Specialist 

The general understanding of when, and under what conditions we should recommend a specialist.

The Investigation Begins

This is a detailed understanding of the inspection process and a review as to what should be described when inspecting these systems.  

Quiz: 25 question quiz (not part of grade) to check their retention of the information.  


Course Cost $249.00

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